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Short Stories


  • A Baby of the Ganges

Fiction International

  • The Kindness of terrible people

Griffel (Norway)

  • Godfrey Green

The Northern Virginia Review

  • The Words of All Our Fires 

Storgy Magazine (UK; March)

  • The Shape of Dolphins

The Stonecoast Review


  • Yields of Harvest 

Broad River Review

  • A death in the Lord's country

Eastern Iowa Review

  • Madeleine Bouletier, She-Wolf of Crozon

Orca, a Literary Journal

  • Lost & Found

Northern Virginia Review


  • The Things You Wear

Maryland Literary Review

  • Over the Mountain Steep

The Northern

Virginia Review


  • Jude and Mary's House of Love

The Northern Virginia Review

  • The Boy and the Bear

The Northern

Virginia Review

  • Easter in the Apocalypse

The Northern

Virginia Review

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